Work With Us

Sunshine Silver Lining, LLC was formed to assist in helping an entity get from A to Z in alignment with an organizations mission and vision. We represent clients on projects covering everything it takes to run a successful cause-based, community-engaged organization, for and non-profit. From communications to coordination, fundraising to facilitation, advantages of working with us include advocacy on every level for your staff and those you serve. 

Services offered are offered as a part of a package or a la carte and we encourage you to set up a complimentary consultation to see what works best for your goals, long and short term. See examples below.

  • Executive Management: Including but not limited to:
    • Executive Assistant Coordination
    • Scheduling
    • Board Oversight
    • Leadership Team Management
    • Staff Supervision
  • Communications 
    • Internal and External
    • Coordination
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing Campaigns (Print and Digital)
    • Social Media
    • Tech Training
      • Websites
      • Zoom, Teams, and more
  • Facilitation and Events
    • Virtual Facilitation via Zoom
    • Online ‘Stage Manager’
    • Coordinator
    • Creative Designer 
  • Advocacy and Education
    • Patience Advocacy (Certificate Pending, Spring 2022)
    • Self-designed social and emotional experiences
    • Mental Health First Aid (Teen, Youth and Adult Nationwide)
    • Umatter© in collaboration with the Center for Health and Learning
    • Certified Vermont Recovery Coach 
  • Research and Connection:
      • Associations
      • Networks
      • Collaboratives
      • Social and Emotional opportunities
  • And More…If we can’t do it, we can find someone who does. Let’s Learn Together!

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