Who Are We?

Sunshine Silver Lining, LLC (SLL, LLC) is a media, management, networking consulting company that strives to bring together obvious and unconventional partnerships. We are led by a Vermont native with over 15 years’ experience in New York City making connections with needles in haystacks. We strive to help dreams become visions and visions realities for small businesses and larger entities alike.

SSL, LLC was conceived by Sunny Naughton, CEO and lead collaborator after 15 years of experience networking her way through New York City. Growing up in Vermont where bartering is a way of life, Naughton found the same skills allowed her to navigate the trenches in considerably the center of the universe. Managing a production company in literally the crossroads of the world, with an office overlooking Times Square, Naughton learned that kindness and the ability to connect-the-dots allowed for many fruitful and exciting opportunities to come not only her way, but allowed for Naughton to make connections outside the box of the entertainment business she was firmly planted in. With contacts in finance, media, marketing, sports, events, food, hospitality, and you name it- Naughton brought people together in unexpected ways every day – on the subway platform or via social media.

How does that translate to rural Vermont? With a good Wi-Fi connection and a computer- work can be completed anywhere and connections made. Sunshine Silver Linings will have multiple purposes. Initially it will serve as a pro bono agency for local community needs and endeavors and will also work to service businesses around the country looking to re-structure, receive consulting, networking and marketing and media services. This can look like social media management, event planning, marketing campaigns and anything they dream up that they need to be successful. This is a business for anyone with a dream who wants help getting from point A to point B.

Having lived and worked all around the United States, Naughton has never found a concierge service quite like Sunshine Silver Linings. From babysitting, to lawn care, to computer care, to high end employment agency offering, to business management and events, Sunshine Silver Lining can encompass whatever you need – or connect you to who can. Whatever you dream, we will find the silver lining for you and make sure you are in the sunshine.

With a soft opening, Sunshine Silver Lining will hold events at different spaces in Vermont to get the word out about services and to continue to learn what is needed in the community.

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