Study Hall with Sunny

Get where you want to be from the comfort of your virtual home

no, i promise. you can run a business with netflix on in the background. it’s awesome.

We know what it takes to turn that side hustle and passion into a project that allows you the flexibility to hang out with your cat, grab lunch with a friend, or skip town when you want – without feeling like you are missing out on something professionally.

With so many coaches and programs out there that expect you to join a week-long container or drop several hundreds of dollars to learn what they know, it’s confusing and at times unattainable. I have hired many coaches over the years and I learned what makes a great coaching program. A great coaching program allows you to feel empowered to own your ideas from start to finish, from having it mapped out to course corrections and from perfection to good enough so you can enjoy a work / life balance!

This is a space to study your own work, your own ideas, and then throw them against a wall with me to see what sticks. It is purposely set up so you invest in yourself. There are several ways to get involved:

Come to a FREE study hall. You can find these in the EVENTS section of my Facebook page.

Sign up for a complimentary check-in where we can decide if one-on-one work is a good investment for your money and what program is right for you, with us or any of our collaborators.

Signup for a low-cost Patreon Membership where we share information and resources and networking opportunities.

Put together an outline of what your dream support program looks like for work, personal health, writing a book, whatever you can dream up, and set a time with us here to connect.

Join Sunshine Salon on Facebook to get crowdsourced support.

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