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Tea and Tales Kicks off in April!

Newport: Sunshine Silver Lining Vision Consulting exclusively announces their premiere workshop series Tea and Tales. This series of writing and reading workshops will highlight both Vermont writers and authors as well as a variety of writing styles from journalling to memoir, poetry and screenwriting.

This spring, Tea and Tales will kick off with several workshops at The Work Commons in Newport facilitated by Northeast Kingdom Native Ilene Elliott of ie facilitation.


Private journaling is powerful and worthwhile. The added dynamic and energy of writing in a group can provide validation, encouragement, support, and new insight. Participants of ilene’s workshops and retreats are introduced to handwritten journaling strategies and techniques that can be incorporated into their daily lives.

Join us for one or several workshops on Saturday, April 13, 2019 10AM to 12PM, Saturday, May 11, 2019 10AM to 12PM and Saturday, June 8, 2019 10AM to 12PM all at The Work Commons in Newport. Sessions include facilitation and refreshments. Please bring a journal and open mind!

Additionally, ie facilitation is hosting a three day journaling retreat at Jackson’s Lodge Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19. Please inquire for more details. Sliding Scale from $175 to $350 includes two nights of accommodation including 5 meals, facilitation and outdoor activities on Lake Wallace in Canaan, Vermont.

A life-long Vermonter, Ilene was born, raised, and lived most of her life in the Northeast Kingdom. In 2016 she relocated to central Vermont. For almost 30 years she has nurtured her own journaling practice while facilitating journaling workshops and retreats for others. Ilene describes journaling as a tool for self-awareness and self-discovery, a way to grow in relationship with self and stir the pot of creativity.  

Pricing for Tea and Tales is a Sliding Scale from $15 to $30 a session and can be paid by cash, check or in person with a credit or debit card. We do ask that you pre-register by contacting or calling or texting 917.945.6250 as space is limited.


Ending a Busy Quarter!

March was a busy month with tons of events culminating in an exciting end to the first quarter of 2019!


We taught several Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Classes, worked with the NEK YPN on both a March Open Meeting and a March Mixer at Burke Mountain, presented at the Vermont League of Cities and Towns Conference, presented about our work with the Regional Prevention Partnerships, presented Women LEAD and even visited a local elementary school to talk to the 8th graders about careers. We also connected with Gwen from the Center for Women and Enterprise and Mieko of Vermont Womenpreneurs and can’t wait to see what comes from those connections!

April will be focused on self care and prepping projects for later on in the spring and summer so we were both grateful for this busy time and are also looking for a little bit of work behind the scenes.

Check out some more photos from our events on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more to come!

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Setting the Pace – Women LEAD

On Monday March 25 Setting the Pace, Women LEAD a fundraising calendar was announced. There was an excellent party attended by over 100 community members at The Eastside and I was thrilled to give a speech.

Look for more details about this initiative over the coming months and pick up a calendar here!


My Comments from Women Lead:


Tonight I am thrilled to be representing the Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals Network. But before we get into those details – let’s talk about how I got here, back in Newport, after being a young professional across the country and based out of New York City.

Four years ago I moved back from Manhattan to Newport, my hometown. My mother is from the Bronx and my father is from Boston – so why, I KNOW you are asking – did I come back to Vermont after over a dozen years working on Broadway? Well, for one, I burned out (that’s another story!), and two – I knew this was my home and I would find inspiration and hope for my next chapter in the roads, and hills and green mountains of Vermont (even though I didn’t have a license) and yes, as you all know I don’t like being outside and have trained my dog to prefer Netflix to hiking.

That being said, I knew I had a network here, one that supported me to live my wildest dreams and also welcomed me back as a young professional when I needed a refuge. Lisa Farney was one of the first to invite me to the MAC Arts Center, Lynn Flint asked me to be the stage manager of a QNEK show and Trish Sears met me weekly for tea to discuss my future. And my work wife – Ally Howell  – showed me the ropes socially and continues to help me navigate the wild seas of a rural town after the big city. Treat Yo Self!

Then I met someone I didn’t know. I drove alone, down to St Jay, and I went to a Business and Professional Women’s year end meeting in my red lipstick and my romper and heels. And I met Michelle Tarryk. Let’s take a moment to bask in her glory.  I met a woman who not only lifts other women up – she looks for PEOPLE to encourage, to inspire and dreamstorm with- a term she coined. Not brainstorm – dreamstorm.

So – thanks to Michelle, everyone here is welcome to dream and to FOLLOW THROUGH with those dreams. Michelle has supported the Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals Network, who I should be here representing tonight instead of singing the praises of all my friends – but really it kind of goes hand in hand. We are a small, tight knit community that welcomes new people (shout out to my counter part Cheryl Chander who relocated from CT to the Kingdom!) and welcomes new programs with open arms such as the NEK YPN, which is about five years old with a recent resurgence led by Maura Folan of Green Mountain Farm to School. The NEK YPN currently hold monthly mixers across the Kingdom as we build out programming.   

We have lots of programming in town though with young professionals to support and align. We have a new Big Brothers Big Sisters partly in thanks to Michelle’s support of NEKLS staff members working on the project and I believe the coordinator and the first mentor are both here tonight – shout out to Sierra and Charlie – and that reminds me that we have some great guys that support our work as well! – How about Big Mike who holds down our amazing Recovery Center with thanks to Michelle and Barb for their continued support of that network!

As you can see we have a lot of great collaborations and networking available to young professionals because this group of leaders sees the power of a younger generation and wants us not just to feel empowered but to elaborate on our ideas and helps us to follow through on them.

So with that – let’s elaborate and follow through!! Let’s dream big and inspire those around us. If you want more information about the young professionals network, or are a young professional at heart just let me know – we are having a mixer on Wednesday night at Burke Mountain. Join us and we will dreamstorm our way through the backroads of this beautiful Kingdom together (as long as you drive me!) Michelle – we thank you.

Busy Bee


March has been an incredible month. In addition to planning several events, we have had the opportunity to teach several Mental Health First Aid courses. In April things will slow down a bit as we take a break, so for now we are just basking in the extra energy that allows us to hustle!

Follow our Facebook Page as well to see whats up!

NEK Young Professionals Present Opportunities to Engage in March



(Kinsley Sicard, Sunny Naughton and Maire Folan of the Executive Committee for the NEK YPN)

The Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals Network (NEK YPN), a committee of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to present opportunities to engage and collaborate around the region in the month of March.

NEK YPN will represent its work as a part of the new Women LEAD initiative on Monday, March 25, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Eastside Restaurant and Pub, 47 Landing St., Newport. The event is a free fundraiser and mixer, designed to share upcoming leadership opportunities for females in the Northeast Kingdom.

On Thursday, March 27, the NEK YPN will host an informal networking get-together at 4:30 p.m. and a mixer, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the Burke Mountain View Pub at the Burke Mountain Hotel & Conference Center, 2559 Mountain Road, East Burke.

These activities follow the Vermont League of Cities and Towns’ third annual conference on “Strengthening Communities for the Future: A Community and Economic Development Forum.” Thanks to a strong partnership with the NEK Collaborative, the NEK YPN will sit on the panel, “Finding Vermont’s Fountain of Youth: Promoting Youth and Young Professional Engagement,” during the afternoon breakout sessions. The mixer is intended to be a great way for NEK professionals to mingle and network with each other after a day of learning.

On Thursday, March 7, the NEK YPN hosted an open meeting at Do North Coworking in Lyndonville, with more than 30 young professionals in attendance. The open-meeting format gave prospective members the opportunity to hear from group members regarding ways to get involved, participate in the monthly meetings, network with and learn from local area businesses as well as check out the coworking space. Do North is designed to offer affordable office, conference and high-speed internet space and access to those in need.

“We are excited to collaborate with new and emerging businesses, building socio-economic vitality for the NEK. This is an important way for us to learn how we as a group, can better support the needs of business and YPs in our region,” shared Kinsley Sicard, of the NEK YPN, commenting on the variety of events held by the committee.

Locally involved businesses and sponsors for the March 7 function included Bag Balm, Freighthouse Market & Cafe, Apotheker’s Bee Sweetened Goods, Cafe Lotti, Burke Mountain Resort and Breakout Bakery & Cafe. Other collaborators included Green Mountain United Way, Do North Coworking and Sunshine Silver Lining Consulting.

The NEK YPN is a network for young professionals living and working in and around Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. It aims to provide valuable leadership, relationship and educational opportunities through collaboration with community partners. To learn more and get involved, e-mail or visit its Facebook page for events and a membership form @NEKYoungProfessionals.