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Joining the Team at Working Fields

Today I am thankful to share I have completed onboarding with Working Fields, a staffing agency serving Vermont and New Hampshire.

Working Fields aligns recovery coaches with employers to ensure those that are re-entering the workplace after difficulties with mental health, substance use and incarceration have a coach to help them succeed in their new chapter.

Many of you have followed my journey to being a recovery coach since 2017 being able to practice this new field in health care. It was NOT easy to get here. The struggle placed me directly in line to work with a team of that has built, from the ground up, an organization that values lived experience, transparency and community to support both one another and those that are getting things in order for their next chapter.

I am so grateful that earlier this summer when I sent their program manager an email saying I needed to cancel our initial interview because I was so distraught with being told NO over and over again, that she was my angel and said well – we really think you will fit in here. We need advocates like you.

I was afraid of telling her about my past experiences being turned down for this work however she embraced me and encouraged me to remember that I will be able to assist people in a more authentic way because of what I experienced. I have been pushed down and had doors slammed with no good reason, too and I want others to experience how to handle that and continue on to finding the right place in the world for themselves.

I am so very thankful and grateful for this new opportunity to work with Working Fields!


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This past weekend we spent time preparing to debut our work and that of our friends and collaborators on Patreon. This platform allows for a free membership, as well as tiered paid memberships for those that want to engage with creators and support their work on a higher level.

We have created FIVE levels (in addition to the complimentary content) that we will share through Patreon. FOR THE FALL we will be sharing content FOR FREE! We invite you to take a look, consider joining and if you like what you see and even tell a friend. Note that when you sign up for a paid membership, you will NOT be charged until December 1st!

Looking back through our business notebooks the past few days, we are blown away with all we have accomplished in supporting other access information thanks to you and your collaboration.



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Finishing off 2021 Strong

After almost two years of trial and error, soul searching, education, transitions and more, we are thrilled to solidify our offerings, focus in on our mission and vision as well as our communications processes. Stay tuned as we share more news and blog posts in the coming days, weeks and months!

Sunshine Silver Lining is a National remote vision consultancy with a mission focusing on supporting organizations and creatives that in turn dedicate their work to the social and emotional health of youth, families and communities.

We offer Connection & Collaboration for: Executive Management & Communications, Facilitation & Events along with Education & Advocacy.

Sunshine Silver Lining has a bright vision of supporting members of all communities through empathy and understanding in both their personal and professional lives. 

Orleans and Northern Essex COVID 19 Response Team

Newport – Over the past several weeks, led by many area executive directors and leaders, the Orleans and Northern Essex (ONE) COVID 19 Response Team was formed to keep residents informed and safe.

The team’s goal is to assess the needs of those in our community who are affected by COVID 19; and to do what we need to do to respond effectively to meet the need. As part of the larger team there are several subcommittees each being led by a lead agency. The seven subcommittees include Food Accessibility, Outreach/Resource, Schools,, Health Transportation, Volunteer Management and Homeless Response. Each committee is responsible for assessing the needs of the community in regards to the specific area of focus.

The ONE Response Team asks that you stay home and stay safe and if you must go out please wear a mask to protect yourself and our community. If you or a loved one needs a mask, please call NEKCA at 334-7316.

If you need support – it is there. Medical offices, agencies, and supports are in operation – just doing business a little differently. Call and talk with someone. If you have fever, coughing or shortness of breath – call your healthcare provider.

Important numbers to know about include 2-1-1 for community resources and information, Northeast Kingdom Human Services Warm Line for parental and caregiver support at 749-1111 and as always 911 for emergencies.

The group also hopes to spread love at this time through bringing people together while apart. On April 22nd, Earth Day, Vermont Broadcast Associates will be playing “Love Will Keep Us Together at 8:30AM on Moo 92, The Notch 103.1, and JJ Country 94.5. Open your windows and sing out to show your love of community. From 5PM to 6PM light up your homes, your property and your businesses to show solidarity at this time.

For more information about the ONE COVID 19 Response Team contact

Downtown Newport, Vermont is Bustling this July with Activities for All

Newport, Vermont – With a string of warm, sunny days alongside cool, rainy nights bringing us well into the summer months, Newport is bustling with activities for all ages. Coming off of the success of 4th of July festivities, this week residents and visitors alike can look no further than Newport City for art shows, educational classes, live music and even a pool tournament in addition to youth programming. There is truly something for all ages.

Wednesdays on the Waterfront (WOW) is back on July 10th featuring live music from the Funky Crustaceans with the Mudbugs Horns starting at 6PM just in time for a beautiful sunset.


Wednesdays on the Waterfront in Newport draws crowds to Lake Memphremagog 

In order to accommodate those heading downtown in Newport on Wednesdays this summer, the Memphremagog Arts Collaborative, also known as the MAC Center located at 158 Main Street, will be extending their usual Wednesday hours to 6PM in order for art lovers to check out their successful ‘Blue, an exploration of the Colour’ before heading to WOW. Curated by Victoria Mathiesen, this is not to be missed.

Resident and Artist Lynn Flint shared “The exhibit is absolutely breathtaking….one of the most visually stunning shows we have had at the MAC.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public during MAC business hours, Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 3:00PM with the aforementioned later hours on Wednesdays. More information on the MAC Center and the artists is available at

The Goodrich Memorial Library starts up their Family Movies on Tuesday from 3PM to 5PM with Mary Poppins on July 9th.  On Thursday July 11th, the Youth Summer Program opens with its first of four weeks of programming. From 10AM to 11AM youth ages 4 – 6 can participate and from 11AM to Noon children from 7 – 10 are welcome. This is a free program that will focus on fun, games and projects about the universe.

“As the Goodrich Memorial Library reaches it’s hundred and twentieth year of service, we are happy to join the nation in offering a Universe of Stories Summer Youth Program. Open to youth of our community, our summer program is a great way to make new friends, learn a little about the universe, and enjoy being a kid in a safe environment.” shared Librarian Katherine Zenel-Langlands

For the grownups, the Goodrich Library is offering a summer book club. July’s book is Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy and copies are available to check out in advance of the discussion later on in the month. For details on events at the Goodrich, check out their events page at

Friday evening July 12 brings families to Prouty Beach on International Lake Memphremagog for Outdoor Movies starting with Space Jam at 9:00PM. Settling in under the stars, concessions are available for purchase. For more information click over to

Lastly, for those good with a pool cue and looking for a family friendly activity, the Journey to Recovery Community Center is hosting an evening pool tournament from 6PM to 8PM on Saturday, July 13 on Third Street in Newport. The J2RCC is a substance free community center with connections to many community services and supports. For more information give them a ring at 624.4156.

ReNEWport Events! is excited to share information on all of these amazing activities with our community. We hope to see you out and about!