I’m Feeling ’22

In the words of the great T. Swift, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.’

And we are! After two years of not only shifting my life pre-pandemic, we have now all spent almost two solid years in flux #togetherapart. Culturally, we have been challenged, pushed to our limits and, while self-care is more important than ever, it can also feel more difficult to practice, too.

This is me at two.

Scroll down for 22!

Over the last year, my life has changed immensely. I fell in love, dedicated myself full time to Sunshine Silver Lining, broke my foot, and tried to take on a bunch of projects I hadn’t been able to in years prior due to my chronic health issue, Cushings Syndrome. Over the years many people have commented that my plate always seemed full, well now, it was. It was too full and I am grateful I was able to make a course correction.

Over the month of December, I spent time reflecting in many ways about what I really desired for the next year of my life. What do I want for myself, my family, my dog, my business, and my time? What is work/life balance? How do we do ‘it all,’ whatever ‘all’ means to us? In the end, I had to let a few projects go so that I have the time and space for myself as well as all the initiatives I feel passionately about and want to work on every day. Thankfully, the response was 100 percent ‘good for you,’ and ‘do what you need to do!” and for that, I am grateful.

This year from Sunshine Silver Lining you can expect more mental health advocacy and awareness opportunities, more virtual spaces for us to gather, and lots of Sunny’s Suggestions coming your way as I spend a decent amount of time nourishing my soul and bringing that back what I learn to you.

For now, do something to nourish yourself. Say no to something or someone, say yes to yourself, and find a way to smile today. Make It A Great One.

More to come!

xo – S

One response to “I’m Feeling ’22”

  1. I LOVE “I’m feeling 22!” I LOVE Sunny! Thank you!


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