Joining the Team at Working Fields

Today I am thankful to share I have completed onboarding with Working Fields, a staffing agency serving Vermont and New Hampshire.

Working Fields aligns recovery coaches with employers to ensure those that are re-entering the workplace after difficulties with mental health, substance use and incarceration have a coach to help them succeed in their new chapter.

Many of you have followed my journey to being a recovery coach since 2017 and wanting to be able to practice this new field of health care. It was NOT easy to get here. The struggle placed me directly in line to work with a team of professionals that have built, from the ground up, an organization that values lived experience, transparency and community to support both one another and those that are getting things in order for their next chapter.

I am so grateful that earlier this summer when I sent their program manager an email saying I needed to cancel our initial interview because I was so distraught with being told NO over and over again, that she was my angel and said well – we really think you will fit in here. We need advocates like you.

I was afraid of telling her about my past experiences being turned down for this work however she embraced me and encouraged me to remember that I will be able to assist people in a more authentic way because of what I have experienced. I have been pushed down and had doors slammed with no good reason. I feel passionate about supporting others to strengthen their experiences in how to handle that and continue on to find the right place in the world for themselves.

I am so very thankful and grateful for this new opportunity to work with Working Fields!


One response to “Joining the Team at Working Fields”

  1. You are an incredible soul!


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