Orleans and Northern Essex COVID 19 Response Team

Newport – Over the past several weeks, led by many area executive directors and leaders, the Orleans and Northern Essex (ONE) COVID 19 Response Team was formed to keep residents informed and safe.

The team’s goal is to assess the needs of those in our community who are affected by COVID 19; and to do what we need to do to respond effectively to meet the need. As part of the larger team there are several subcommittees each being led by a lead agency. The seven subcommittees include Food Accessibility, Outreach/Resource, Schools,, Health Transportation, Volunteer Management and Homeless Response. Each committee is responsible for assessing the needs of the community in regards to the specific area of focus.

The ONE Response Team asks that you stay home and stay safe and if you must go out please wear a mask to protect yourself and our community. If you or a loved one needs a mask, please call NEKCA at 334-7316.

If you need support – it is there. Medical offices, agencies, and supports are in operation – just doing business a little differently. Call and talk with someone. If you have fever, coughing or shortness of breath – call your healthcare provider.

Important numbers to know about include 2-1-1 for community resources and information, Northeast Kingdom Human Services Warm Line for parental and caregiver support at 749-1111 and as always 911 for emergencies.

The group also hopes to spread love at this time through bringing people together while apart. On April 22nd, Earth Day, Vermont Broadcast Associates will be playing “Love Will Keep Us Together at 8:30AM on Moo 92, The Notch 103.1, and JJ Country 94.5. Open your windows and sing out to show your love of community. From 5PM to 6PM light up your homes, your property and your businesses to show solidarity at this time.

For more information about the ONE COVID 19 Response Team contact sunny.naughton@neklsvt.org

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