Tea and Tales with ie facilitation – session two, May 11th

Thanks to ie facilitation for expanding upon what you can expect in our second session of Tea and Tales:

Free Write (stream of consciousness) or Writing to a Prompt are useful journaling strategies. During a workshop, I usually use one of these methods as a starting point.

What comes next is intended to produce a deeper dive into self-exploration and awareness.

On April 13th, we started with what I call Iceberg Write (stream of consciousness writing to find what is on the surface of our awareness). This moved us to finding a theme to our writing and produced a word to use for the Key Word exercise, (a technique that can reveal hidden thoughts and emotions). From that we were able to write with more focus.

We then used colored pens to create a self-portrait drawing (not of our physical selves), followed by writing to ourselves from a third person perspective. Wrap-up was about each person thinking of a word to describe “a moment in time” during the workshop and writing about that.

The techniques are simple. The validation generated through writing together and sharing insights and perceptions (only when individuals are comfortable doing so) is what can make the experience of a journaling workshop more powerful than when we journal in private.

On May 11th, the theme of “Relationship with Self” continues. The workshop is appropriate for people who attended the April workshop as well as those and who did not. Visualization and mindfulness will be included to inspire our writing and, the power of doodling and dialogue will support our journey of self-discovery. 

Check out a slide show of the event below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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