Tea and Tales


IMG_3955(sunny taking care of business all the way back in the ‘80s)

Sunshine Silver Lining exclusively announces their premiere workshop series Tea and Tales. This series of writing and reading workshops will highlight both Vermont writers and authors as well as a variety of writing styles from journalling to memoir, poetry and screenwriting.

This spring, Tea and Tales will kick off with several workshops at The Work Commons in Newport facilitated by Northeast Kingdom Native Ilene Elliott of ie facilitation with registration details to follow in coming weeks. Elliott will focus on journaling.

Tea and Tales will also host an ‘at large’ book club featuring New England authors and New England-centric stories throughout 2019 and is currently gathering and researching titles.

If you are interested in hosting facilitating and/or attending a workshop, have suggestions for and/or want to participate in the book club, or are looking for individual coaching or writing partners, please feel free to contact sunny@sunshinesilverlining.com.

We look forward to sharing tea with you over some great tales!

(Official Press Release to come)

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