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Sunny Noelle Naughton is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in creative engagement, youth and family programming and connecting the dots. Sunny comes from a background in human services, journalism and the entertainment business. Sunny holds a self-designed Media and Journalism Degree from Eugene Lang at The New School with a Masters Degree in Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University. This journey has culminated in Sunshine Silver Lining, a vision consulting company with a focus on Collaboration and Connection through Executive Management, Communications, Facilitation & Events, Education & Advocacy.

Sunny has fully embraced the virtual nature of living in Vermont during a life changing pandemic, serving organizations such as the Center for Health and Learning, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the National Alliance of Mental Illness, Mental Wellness America and the Stability Network through a great internet connection in her hometown in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. 

Named the top Female Mental Health First Aid facilitator in Vermont in 2019, Naughton has worked across industries with greats such as Martin Charnin, the force behind Annie, as well as having received a Community Outreach Award from both the Governor and State Health Director of Vermont in 2019. Calling New York City home for over a dozen years, Sunny is grateful to have now settled once again in the Northeast Kingdom, thankful for the virtual world catching up to her hopes and dreams of thriving from wherever you desire.

In recovery after a decade of illness from Pseudo Cushings due to C-PTSD, Sunny has a passion for leading others to discovering their inner strength. Sunny is self-publishing a book of memoir essays in the Summer of 2021, Sunny loves food photography, is a voracious reader, a great pen pal and loves spending time with her family and friends, including her partner Jayson, rescue cats and Goldendoodle Mayer (named after John – who she will be seeing perform LIVE for the first time in the fall of 2021!)

Sunny loves meeting new people. Please reach out to connect.Who knows what you’ll come up with!