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Sunshine Silver Lining is a National remote vision consultancy with a mission focusing on supporting organizations and creatives that in turn dedicate their work to the social and emotional health of youth, families and communities.

We offer Connection & Collaboration for: Executive Management & Communications, Facilitation & Events along with Education & Advocacy.

Sunshine Silver Lining has a bright vision of supporting members of all communities through empathy and understanding in both their personal and professional lives. 

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Sunny Noelle Naughton, Founder and CEO

Sunny Noelle Naughton is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in creative engagement, youth and family programming and connecting the dots. Sunny comes from a background in human services, journalism and the entertainment business. Sunny holds a self-designed Media and Journalism Degree from Eugene Lang at The New School with a Masters Degree in Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University. In the last decade, Sunny returned to her hometown in New England and began a journey of social and emotional though leadership. This journey has culminated in Sunshine Silver Lining.

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